Luck is undergoing some structural changes to support vocal programming. The project here will form the sub-lingual domain, but the spoken language will be developed separately by deep learning.

Staying home

When your new project inevitably fails, it will be time to merge upstream and attempt to reconcile your experiences with the reality of what the community is willing to acknowledge, forgive, and maybe even support. In Luck, conflict avoidance is taken to the extreme: conceptually, all conflicts should be considered to be a compiler bug. The current implementation does not support this level of free expression, but we have hope for the future.

let bind_this_now: int@meters = 3;;
let bind_this_now: int@feet = 4;;
let bind_this_now: int@apples = 2323223233232;;

Why this matters

Simple ideas spread quicker, but bad civilizations fail fast. True progress happens if not very slowly.