Luck is undergoing some structural changes to support vocal programming. The project here will form the sub-lingual domain, but the spoken language will be developed separately by deep learning. In the meantime please enjoy some of my favorite quotes, visually projected onto canvas. For custom solutions/programming services, please contact me through email or LinkedIn.

A colour pink

Contrast Reduction is the only direct mechanism to batch manipulate the namespace.

let W = N $$$ M

Why this matters

Bindings generally don't survive without some sort of reinforcement and direct adoption. Though, due to necessary context, adoption may be difficult and/or competitive. Contrast Reduction offers the benefit of almost guaranteed adoption in a localized scope with minimal risk of conflict.

Game: Hello World (emphasizes pink)

let N : ?;;
let M : red;;
N!(M)! ; if M $: N then M.print(hello)

let M : ?;;
let N : blue;;
let $k = $(N.strong_network) in
if M $: N and N $: M then $k.print(N ^ M);;