Luck is undergoing some structural changes to support vocal programming. The project here will form the sub-lingual domain, but the spoken language will be developed separately by deep learning. In the meantime please enjoy some of my favorite quotes, visually projected onto canvas. For custom solutions/programming services, please contact me through email or LinkedIn.

Luck Phonetics

Luck phonetics are all-inclusive; meaning any pronunciation of any phrase is legitimate even if no person nor computer can correctly parse the phrase.

That said, for people who want to talk with the computer or be understood by others should attempt to refine their pronunciation. We have built a computer guide that can speak, and soon should be able to listen. Using the computer as a learning tool, hopefully we can prevent the fracturing that other small natural language projects encountered.

t s k Ternary Consonants
a i o Ternary Vowels

As demonstrated by the above chart, consonants and vowels are centered on three intonations each. Other phonemes should be described as relative to these or otherwise should define the classifier from scratch.